New site, new strategy

For years, was primarily a software directory and review site -- like Yelp for Mac apps.  Our content was primarily curated from third-party software developers. 

In 2011, we chartered the development of a companion site: MUPromo, a digital storefront for daily app deals.  This new site demanded an engaging, concise user experience.  We knew that a great user experience demands a smart content strategy, and we were up to the task.

Getting organized

Acting as content strategist, I spearheaded the design and adoption of a standard content matrix.  With fine-tuned attention to detail, I could now trace the content development process through every phase of a project.

This essential guide and tracking tool captures delivery milestones, content attributes, notes, and more.


Creating style guides

To give our style guides and templates a home, I designed an extensive internal-use knowledge base for MacUpdate's content writers and editors.

Rules and guidelines for writing, editing, and managing content are described in straightforward instructional articles.

A workflow-friendly CMS

MacUpdate's Content Management System (CMS) is custom built and highly granular.  In preparation for new content development workflows, I work closely with our lead developer to tweak and improve the input forms.

A better copy deck

To improve our content writing and revision process, we migrated our copy deck to Basecamp, a web-based project management system.  This collaborative environment made it easy to keep the content team in sync.