Goodyear Tires

At Razorfish, I acted as content strategist on a major redesign of Goodyear's account management portal for consumer credit card. Scroll to see how we improved the site.

Project: Create a smarter, more effective content strategy to improve the account management experience for Goodyear's customers.

BEFORE: The Account Home looks cluttered and out-of-date.

AFTER: Introducing a cleaner, more user-focused Account Home. Content is divided into modules and optimized for all devices.

BEFORE: The account registration process looks complicated and uninviting.

AFTER: We streamlined the account registration process by dividing the content into simple steps.

Developing the Brand Voice

Our content strategy included an improved voice for the site. Throughout the account management experience, the new content is friendly, helpful, and scannable.

Everything in Its Right Place

Financial sites are often cluttered with legal text. For the redesigned Goodyear site, we created content that's there when you need it -- and disappears when you don't.


Smarter Service Marketing

For the new Goodyear site, we found more effective ways to incorporate service marketing into the account management experience.