Citibank Retail Services

Citi offers consumer credit products for industry-leading brands (Best Buy, ExxonMobil, Macy's, The Home Depot, American Airlines, and more).

For 5 years, I've acted as copywriter and content strategist for Citi, from agency-side to client-side:

  • Agency-side: 2 years at Razorfish, Citi's agency partner for creative development and user experience design

  • Client-side: 3 years as part of Citi's Digital Development team, overseeing content strategy on a larger scale

Objective: Collaborate with web developers, creative team, and marketing product managers to develop and implement a long-term strategy for delivering partner-branded marketing offers through Citi's daily release channel. 

Keywords: content strategy, agile project management, B2C digital marketing, user experience design